Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arise Fashion Week Sunday. last day pictures... Oh yea.... better late than never!

Yea yea... we know I'm that girlfriend in the blog world that's always late! but... you know she'll always come thru, just needs a clock. lol. Working on it :) Admitting you have a problem with time management is the first step, 2nd step is change, yea.... that's what I'm working on.
me! braces come off in 4 months!!! & I'll start cheesing again!! Cant wait! Cause my smile's been soooo freaking odd for a year and half since I got braces (i pray it wasnt like this before braces lol)
So... last day Of Arise fashion week: Sunday.  Sunday was soooo packed!! There was barely any parking space available, like friday and other weekend days, people had to park outside the hotel. I got there took a few pictures, then ran out headed to Evening  Mass (I had a high waist skirt in the car, so I put that on top of my shorts, ran back to Federal Palace, and circled it for an hour while begging for a parking space so I wouldnt have to park outside the hotel again).

Oh gosh show was Mar- and Im not sure where i dropped their card! (hides face) But these lovely twins were super sweet!!!! they designed everything, their clothes & jewelry & I believe their based in NYC.


LOVE THE BACK!!!! (I'm such a stalkerazzi. wish i knew who made it, or where she got it)

The show was packed. Remember those VVIP tickets that guaranteed you'd be front row, and the awesome pictures I took on previous days, Well that was all gone. It seemed liked every soul in the tent had VVIP tickets, but not everyone can fit front row. Luckily while I was in church Nkoli held the fort down and saved me a seat when they moved tents. Unfortunately my seat was so close to the runway entrance/exit that lightening and pictures didn't come out great. For you guys I tried!! I swear I did, I stood at random places, tried to get space where photographers with media passes stood, I tried so much to get pictures, that I finally gave up and watched the show. OMG Oswald Boateng was there!! NICE. Next year if I decide to go, I'll go on a weekday after work, get great pictures, then if I choose to bother on the weekend, I'll ask for a media pass, and get good pictures.
I tried this location for pictures

Her Shoe came off, and she handled it like a pro

Notice the shoe in hand?

Do you notice I changed locations?? and left my seat?


Our Rihanna guy

OH YEA... finally went back to my seat.

Alek Wek (OMG world class model, Like Tyra! but African)  modeled & presented & Oluchi (Victoria Secret & Nigerian/ International Model) also modeled on sunday too. Huge African / International models!! 

So as i end this post about Thisday's Arise magazine Fashion week I'd like to send my sympathies to all those affected by the Thisday bomb blasts/ attacks in both Abuja & Kano, and other media companies. It's a hard for many in the country, and my heart goes out to everyone dealing with the loss of loved ones, job insecurity, injuries and so much more. It's a really difficult time here, and we all and go about trying to live life and praying it gets better.

meant when & how i dyed it, not where. Oh well. Forgive all the errors of todays post. Or just take a shot of tequila for every mistake, and i pray you don't get drunk

Oh I didn't go barefeet. CK wedges. Love em. Of course theyre not mine as usual, mums closet, but Ive rocked em sooo much, they might as weel be ;)

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  1. The lady in pink has a gorgeous butt. She has a secret admirer now. LOL

  2. Love those fashions!
    Glad to see you back.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Hey gurl! I lopve this blog and your post on this ATL fashion show was hot! do you know anyone in ATl's music industry? checkout my blog!

  4. Love the combo

  5. I want braces too. Feel better

  6. I like so much this post. Every time better.
    Come to check out my new post, i´m sure you´ll love it!

  7. Nice coverage, and I like your outfit. Cute!

  8. I think the dress you like back of is actually a bodysuit you can get at ASOS or Nastygal worn with some badass harem pants.


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