Friday, May 25, 2012

My Birthday Pictures : read, enjoy & drop a comment :)

Oh gosh I'm just going to say it. I turned 27th!! WOW my number's running without me. I remember when I was younger I joking told people that if I turned 27 and I was still single, they had the permission to set me up with ANY GUY: short, tall, fat, skinny, cute, not cute and I would willingly go on the date.

I always said it jokingly knowing that there was no way on earth I'd be unmarried at 27, ha ha ha ha. So now I'm 27. 27 isn't  really a desperate age so I'll have to retract that. New Statement: maybe if God forbid I'm single when I turn 34 (in 7 years) I'll take any date, I swear & promise! Considering now I'm 27, still never haven't ever had a boyfriend as we all know, though ive gone on dates... I hope the odds are in my favour. Well if I get to  29.5 I'll have to get proactive: fasting & praying, OH GOSH and i may have to reduce expectations???? OH HECK NO, can't go any lower I hope! Anyways enough about age, Nigerians make you feel super old, and want to keep rechecking & updating  your biological clock to make sure it's functioning. *sigh*

Remember the Boyfriend Application Form post from 2008: HERE fun times, might bust it out this year.

Anyways onto my birthday. 

I hadn't partied since February cause I gave up various stuff for lent like alcohol, parties etc. Friends though I was beyond boring, but I was perfectly fine staying home or going out and drinking water. Ejeme also hadn't gone partying since January. Well lent's over, Easter's passed. And we planned to over-party and over-rock that night which we did. Drinks everywhere, Old friends, New Friends, CRAZY fun. Shout out to everyone who came!!! Love you guys soooooo much!!! I had an incredible time.

Took all these pictures with my macbookpro before we left to party at Likwid.



Thanks for stopping by my blog hope you enjoyed this post!

people tell me I dance like a white girl or a stripper. not sure if it's a compliment or diss. or if i have rhythm, eitherways i know I sure have fun!

What We Are Wearing & Hair Info Below:

My Hair
Did you notice I changed my hair!!!!! FINALLY It's now Long & Black!  (still using SheizaDiva brand) I tried the peruvian this time, 4 packs: 12", 18" 22" & 24".  I decided not to dye it, and leave it's natural color, which is also my real hair color. (SheizaDiva bb pin:2202E1BE , 08157146639 )

My pink dress 
is an "ASOS Mini Dress with Double layer skirt" also in navy blue (ASOS site)However i bought mine from NK in Lagos (NK Swiss Collection bb pin:285D2336, new blog)

Ejeme's Orange dress is from SheizAdiva (bb pin:2202E1BE , 08157146639 )

Nk carries more jand/ U.K stuff and sizing, while Sheizadiva has more yankee/ U.S. stuff and sizing. They've both restocked & are affordable so check em out. 

EDIT: did i forget to tell you my birthdays April 19th. omg been 27 for a month!! LOL *taking deep breaths*


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bombchell Baby!!!

    REMEMBER; There's always a whole lotta love for you, here in The ATL!!!

    AWESOME PHOTOS, but; you already knew that!!!

    BTW; what time is it there over in your part of the world?


    1. U and Ejeme look lovely

  2. its just a matter of finding the right guy.. cause im sure you have PLENTY of fans hahaha. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAAAAY! Mine was may8(taurus):] youre an aries/taurus.. my boyfriend is an aries, i knew i felt good energy from you lol

  3. Happy Birthday! You book looked fabulous! :)

  4. You are so gorgeous! I love your dress & hair.

    Happy belated :)

  5. Love ur dress and hair..what do u use 2 curl ur hair?

    1. Hi Bridget, funny enough my curling iron stopped working, so I used a small Jose Eber curling wand, and put it then in bendy rollers after each curl so theyd be bigger. when i took them out of the bendy rollers, it looked like this.

    2. Its times like this when I miss Nigeria:(

  6. Thanks so much luv!! I do miss the A, mostly the people, and sane drivers. lol yea the crazy drivers here make Atl psycho drivers look like saints.

  7. Aren't you under pressure about Marriage by your mom and other relatives? Knowing the Naija society and thinking being single with no potential boyfriend is alarming. But, I wish u the best tho!! What type of guy do you like anyways?

  8. happy birthday gorgeous, the black hair is way pretty on your keep it this color for some time. Love you girl!

  9. Happy belated birthday, We have the same birthday :)

  10. Happy birthday! seems like you had a great time:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  11. Happy birthday Michelle you look younger than 27 lol and my dear it is not a matter of being married by a certain age it's a matter of getting married to the right person compatibility is key i am 33 recently broke up with my boyfriend because i realised there are things about him he was not willing to change and i could not live with and i know people who rushed to get married at a certain age only to be heading to divorce court two years later...been proposed to twice said no thank God because one turned out to be a wife beater and the other a serial cheater (we have a circle of common friends thats how i know) so my dear take your time God's time is the best

    1. awwwww thanks sooo much!!!!! all what you said is so true

  12. Bombchell!! Happy Belated Birthday. Uhmmm being that I love looking at pictures that I literally dig out every picture website esp. Nigerians. In my #feedingeyeswithcolourfulnicepictures duties *clears throat* I saw your picture- a couple of them so far on this blog from Arise- I was not going to do this but I couldn't resist so yea! Chao! And just in case you have seen already uhmmm oops- excuse that!

    1. Thanks soo much Missy Tee! I hadnt seen the pictures! LOVE EM!!!


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