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NYSC Camp Diaries Week 3. (The day we collected our Allowee & CRAZY GIST)

Dec 1st: Week 3 (thursday) 

Today is going to be the Mr NYSC & Ms NYSC pageant. Yesterday on wednesday we had Project fame/ Camp idol ( i skipped that).

My favorite part!!! Today they PAID us 19,800 naira Allowance or "Allowee" as some call it ($125)! woot woot!!! The N200 notes make it look huge! (fast forward to the future in real time right now NYSC hasnt paid us since last month, rumors are that they're having cash flow problems, I choose not to believe that and I am patiently waiting to receive my minimum wage of N19,800 from the government)

In line for our money: Geez they had "ghana must go" bags of money!!! (whats the real name of that bag??)

This is a pretty short line by NYSC standards
MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!!!!!!!! N19,800 or  $124.94
they actually give you various allowances while on camp like N1,500 but... this is the big one :) who doesnt like free money no matter the amount?

GOSH camp life!!! *sniff* still sexy boo. 
Was super!!!! tempted to photoshop my picture, but the truth is, heaven help you if you look decent by week 3. I know people who marched under the hot sun, everyday for 3 weeks of camp, and I swear a year later it seems their tans never fully left. I also know people from different batches that got super sick;  a lot of people get sick. So I cant complain if I look like this, especially with the heat.

PS: about my last post with manual village, my little sister can't wait to do it, hahahaha and a bunch of people commented asking how on earth people climbed such. To be honest I don't know, I was busy pretending to sign the "Book of life" with a different platoon and didn't wanna get caught (yup that was the picture I took under the canopy in the last post!). HAHA can u imagine me climbing that wall?? U would have to place an Hermes bag, juicy double quarter pounder with cheese burger & a Nigerian Single version of Boris kodjoe up there for me to climb it. Abeg!

Today a bunch of corper are leaving campus, they probably got exeats to go and deposit their cash so they don't "blow it" in mami market and to prevent it from getting stolen.

Grabbed a drink with some friends in Mami Market. Signed my book of life (the later the days passed, the less people in line). and faded with my money!

bumped into my friend Paul. HAHAHA #camp memories actually knew his twin brother from the states

in Mami Market: where you can eat, sew clothes, make photo copies, hide, etc lol.

My darling kemka!!!

yup the happening spot! be happy the fan works, it'll help blow flies away. One of the spots in Mami Market

My boo, MJ (Who took the pics of manual village, and youve seen before on my blog)

other customers.

so that's it with camp but...

OMG LET ME GIST YOU!!!! Would you have sex in our gross camp?

*in my gossip voice* SO one faithful morning everyone was called downstairs to be punished. Yes punished!!! Those army people don't play, you better serve your punishment. Guess why!! They caught 3, not 3 people but 3 COUPLES having sex!!! in the courtyard!!! CRAZY HUH! CRAZY! apparently the guys escaped and the ladies were caught. I have no idea if these people knew each other before camp, if they were in 3 different corners, why the same day, and why on earth in the courtyard where both the guys & girls hostels could see them. Cant remember the time it happened like between 10pm - 5am, historical amnseia. But crazy! so everyone got punished. LMAO. typical nigerian school punishments, "Kneel down", "frog jump" etcThese apparently never ever happens, the authorities were furious! Other campers were like "gosh it's just 3 weeks, couldn't they wait just 3 weeks with sex" hahaha I guess not!

NEXT STOP: Graduation/ Passing out Ceremony and hello workforce. During these 3 weeks the government is deciding our primary place of employment and we'll find out on our passing out day.

Hope you enjoyed my experience
Love Bombchell


  1. LMAOOO, this was a hilarious read. NYSC seems like good ol' days of secondary school. Frog jump and things ke?
    Good job on passing up on the photoshop. You're still cute ;-)

  2. Wow at those three couples that went at it with no shame!! Love your photos.

    xo Your newest follower from Boston


  3. Lmao, too funny. Nice work dear

  4. I have some more questions about your nysc experience, May I ask here or via email?

    1. Hi. Either/or is fine. U can mail me if u feel more comfortable with that


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