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So as most of you know I'm currently doing my National Youth Service NYSC. And being a great blogger I blogged about it & Ok soo I posted my camp diaries: Day 1 (Camp Diaries Day 1, 31 roommates post). Then being a bad blogger i didn't finish talking about the experience. Soooo..... Im here to tie loose ends since a lot of people have asked about it, and I feel guilty, like in relationships you gotta close old chapters to move forward right?

previous post, refresher:
The Abuja drama I had when I wanted to register for NYSC

So now we've had a refresher :) Let's proceed to day 2. I took my cell phone, and actually typed my "camp diaries" in my memopad.

so lets go back in time to November 2010


Week 1, DAY 2:

Whoops it rained today. lol that's what happens when you live in the tropics. I've given up and deleted my weather channel app, cause it definitely doesn't work for Nigeria. So far the itinerary has been wake up 4.30am, be ready 5am, bla bla bla (for those in camp who don't have an exeat, or those who get there 5am). I just want my uniform!

the guy I wouldnt let in Line, that later became my friend after I used his stapler, and later helped me get shoes lol

my point & shoot camera

Crap, I finally got my uniform, but found a way to lose one leg of my white canvas. Great and unlike most people who get random sizes and have to try to trade with strangers for their right size, mine was my perfect size. Having big feet finally came in handy, I was able to get a new pair from a male friend in my group (the guy i used his stapler/ Eddie/ Endurance).

My roommates are really cool (well the 5 out of 31 that I spoke to). Actually I like most people I've spoken to. This feels like pledging a sorority/ fraternity... the process makes you click with a lot of people. flash forward: Im still friends with 3 of the girls from camp and super close to 1, I guess you can actually make friends in camp.

Week 2

People signed the book of life ( tip: the line is crazy long, you go platoon by platoon, people suffer to sign, even if your on exeat you better bring your butt to camp and sign, don't know why it's important, nor do I remember what's on it, but you sha have to sign it. I think later theyll print a book with our info, horrid passport pictures etc, but till then I honestly don't know. THE TIP: last day, passing out, book of life is still open, and there's no one in line, good luck sha if this changes, but if you were never in camp, lucky you)

Tobi, Tomi, Kemka

OH DEAR GOSH!! look at me in that shitty uniform! LOOK AT MY PANTS! DEAR GOSH!! Camp makes me look like a suffer head!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! other pics are worse. I swore to bring my sexy camera for passing out/ grad day, so my REAL beauty can show. LOL.
My pants: Jumpay! Short! whatever you wanna call em. and the buttons wouldnt close well, geez talk about trying not to pull a britney. I had to buy some other pants with a zip. the material of the clothes they give us are beyond cheap. Some people never wash their cuz it shrinks, some buy the material from mami market and sew theirs.

Also Manual Village happens. hmmmm what's that, well my buddy MJ took some pics with his iphone: see for yourself:

hope you enjoyed the post & pictures, I'll put up week 3's post up on Saturday.
Have you dont NYSC? how was your experience? & shout out to all my current corpers, past corpers, and future corpers.

And a huge shout out to those who fully stayed in Camp and never left for even a day!

Love Bombchell


  1. Don't u and that guy look just gorgeous? He's such a cutie!;)U guys actually gel. Nice pics and thanks for posting ur experience, can't wait to read the rest.

  2. Omg camp is terrible. I just did it. Still terrible


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