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Rhema's Beach Birthday Party at Kamp Ikare

So May 5th, got invited to Rhema's beach party. It was at Kamp Ikare. Most private beach houses i've been to in Lagos have been at Ilashe, so to be honest, when I heard Kamp Ikare, I just assumed maybe that's what someone named their beach house at Illashe. Well I was wrong, it's a totally separate beach, a bit further, about 40 minutes by boat (might be shorter but it felt like ages!!).

Me in blue (lol saw the top in my mums closet & thought: this would go perfect at the beach! Thanks Mum!!) & Nini
 OMG do you remember Nini from this post older post?
(click image for the post)

well guess what she's now a Dr. Congrats luv!!

So we get there and I realize, omg this is the real shit!! It's so insanely pretty! It's beyond amazing. It might be resort, it might not, I could care less, I was just super happy cause it was soooo pretty. Cabana's everywhere, bed type seats, food, pool, amazing looking beach, several floors did you hear FOOD etc.

i LIKE this :)

nice! doesn't it look like a resort gallery pic?

more interesting
Ejeme wanted to go see the beach so I went with her & took pictures. I cut my sandals walking in the sand so I also had to walk bear feet. OMG the sand was sooooo hot, and the weather was crazy hot, I ran back into shelter. Luckily I begged this server there to help me buy super glue :) and fixed it.
Ejeme (Jini)


Bond Girl!

A good percentage of people went to my high school including the birthday girl, even bumped into a friend from primary school. how cool.


Recognize this sexy guy below?  Genevieve magazine's "Top 5 Celebrity Men We Lust After."  Aren't you proud of me I didn't stalk... ok so I got couple of pictures, but i promise there's no restraining order :) As for next time... can't promise

sisters :)

It was quite mellow at first, people were chilled out, so I took a bunch of pictures. Well 100+ pictures to be specific. I'm only gonna put half on the blog, and the other half in a different gallery :)

Well after all the pictures, Totally weird: like one minute everyone was seated and chilled in clicks of friends being all anti-social, then the next hour everyone was up dancing like it was spring break or Atlanta Freak Nik. It was soo crazy it was soo much fun. A big thanks should probably go to all the champagne, vodka, coffee patron etc. The grilled Chicken & the music got even more amazing. Then it started raining, and I mean pouring cats and dogs! so we did what normal people would do, we kept partying.

i'm tempted to go through youtube and learn how to AZONTO, I'm probably one of the few people in the country that can't fully do the azonto, and i need to hurry before the phase is over.
See if you can learn to Azonto before me. Video below:


I fully deny knowing the brothers below haha.
I love his shorts!!

MY GIRLS: Ejeme (Jini), Tobi (who you can hear on Cool FM in the morning) & Nini

awww looking sooo pretty

so sexy... notice the bling? :) Congrats chica

Ok time for me to drop my camera!

CAMERA INFO: All pics with my 50mm f1.4 fixed lens, Sony A33 Dslr Camera. no flash, just natural light, iso100.
Fixed lens meaning: no zooming, I had to walk back to get everyone in the shot. it's my fave lens.

that's all folks

I had a blast, met amazing people, took fun pictures, partied, and time to go home... then I realized my cell phone was stolen. *Total Bummer* so me and a few friends headed to a restaurant to pig out on Prawn Mayo Spring rolls & Sharwama, which definitely made me feel better.

for more pictures (100+) click image below or this link:

Love you Rhema! I had a blast! & Everyone else probably did.

To all readers:

I really hope you enjoyed the post & pictures. Leave a comment below :) so i'll know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. OMG Nini is engaged!!!!! Happy for her....m

  2. looked like a lot of fun. like your bitch outfits.

  3. I I love your sense of style and I want to visit Lagos so bad :)

  4. Wow nice pics, seems like you are having a blast in Nigeria.... prime lens are usually the best (in my opinion), the only downside to a prime lens is the fact that you have to walk alot, but i count that as Exercise

  5. beautiful place! you guys have all the fun!!!

  6. I see you love your mother's closet... :-)

  7. Lovely, Lovely Photo. You guys had a swell time from the photos.

  8. Wow love all the photos!
    I need to head back to Naija soon lol :D


  10. that looks like a lot of fun and i like those animal print shorts. and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )

  11. You're clearly having too much fun in this Lagos. You need to show me the way.

    Plix be sure to continue with the pictures. Well done and thank you.

  12. Miss bombchell ...i hope you don't mind me asking how much does it cost to go to kamp ikare..Thanks....

  13. Nice Pic's. I really like ur blog page....

  14. Omg! Y'all make me miss main. I can't wait to be in Lagos in December! Nice pictures btw!


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