Thursday, October 4, 2012

What an INSANE day!

 Let’s bypass the usual pleasantries of me apologizing for me being a horrible blogger, that takes long breaks, we’ve done this a lot, but we know I come back. It’s like that friend that you’re only friends with ‘cause they can soo cool & entertaining that you don’t want to cut them off, though a lot of times you want to smack them.

FUCK IT: please….. pretty please…. Don’t be mad cause I’ve been bad… but… I’ve been on twitter, and instagram, and I’ve replied emails. 
ps: name's LoveBombchell now on both twitter & instagram (click this : )

Sorry to all those who were worried about me. I just became one of those 9-5 people. Well 7.30am is when work starts, and I just stopped doing stuff. I've become boring!!! except for insane days like this when I wonder if I'm actually a TV character.

Today is OCT 4TH!!! And the last day of work! For my NYSC programme!! I’m soo excited.

And if your still mad I’ll tell you about my crazy day, and you have to forgive me, because I’m still trying to figure it out. It was straight out of a movie!

Soooo… last day of work. I think I’ll run to the government office during my 1-hour lunch break to get my clearance (basically steps to finish the programme by the govt). It’s raining cats and dogs, and I didn’t have a car at the office. So much later, a friend of mine picks me up with her adorable 3 month old. We rush to the government office, which will close soon at 4pm.

Early this moring: little did I know what would be instore for this dress.
So now, I have to change in her car from my lovely red outfit, to my NYSC outfit.
Picture of me when I started NYSC last year. You should see this uniform now! SMH!

I wear my white shirt on top my red dress, wear my pants underneath my dress, and fold the bottom of my dress into my shirt (PS: if your not in the right outfit and shoes, you can get penalized and maybe no finish the programme).

 We get there, it’s a long lengthy process (those who’ve done NYSC know what I mean!! It’s final clearance week). I didn’t get cleared yet. I have to go back tomorrow. So now it’s 28mins till I close work. My friend decides to stop and eat because she’s breast-feeding and says she needs to eat. I’m standing in the government office, freaked out cause it’s my last day of work and I need to get back, and not leave a bad or rude impression.

So I hail a yellow taxi, haggle the price (old old cab, no working ac, it’s now hot outside) there’s traffic. I have to figure out how to change, and take off my pants from underneath my dress without flashing, the cab guy keeps looking back UGH. Finally I get to work. BUT now I have a wardrobe malfunction –wedgie type thing. My dress is stuck and refuses to come down.

So I’m standing outside the gate, I’m stressed, and people are passing making signs for me to pull my dress down. I’m mortified, there are men everywhere, and I don’t want any of my coworkers to see me. I find a female groundnut (peanut) street seller, and beg her to help me with my dress. She says it’s stuck. We stay there for 5 mins, which felt like an eternity. Some random guy started shouting to the lady to just take my clothes off. Let’s ignore that irritant, finally I tell her she has to put her hand up my dress to pull out the inner part of the dress down. Finally! Sweaty, hair: a mess, dress: ok, and not cleared. I rush into work, go to the bathroom and breathe.

Come out, sit for a few minutes, and enjoy the AC. I look calm, they have no idea the craziness I just went through! getting to the government office, at the office, the cab, and my dress. I tell 2 people the story, say my long good byes to amazing coworkers, get gifts, head home, breathe. Wow got placed at the job in December. A year goes by fast!! Can you believe I've been in Nigeria Over a year!!! (Since June 29th 2011)

Remember this post: Lagos Week 1


OK..... comment!!!! tell me what you think. Or just give me a hug, kiss & say missed you loads.

Love Bombchell.


  1. The entire Internet needs to spank you for being so bad...

  2. Hugs..naija people and their bad mouth. What's his business with ur dress? Anyway, u know we always miss you and always accept u back with open arms like the errant child u r :)

  3. Ooooh gurl, sawry! Good luck with the clearance today. Just pray nobody accuses you of FORGERY like they did me - wrote a post on it:

    WE'RE ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. congrats on surviving NYSC...better days ahead.

  5. HAPPY FRIDAY, Bombchell Baby!!!

  6. damn it bombschell...u took forever..i shud get on the next flight to lagos and give u a good a shake were my guilty pleasure. i looked you up every saturday to get my feel of lagos living and looking fab, i did this with a cup of latte in my hands snuggling inside my you deprived me of my guilty pleasure for almost 3 months and some days. but am happy ur back...try not to leave us again lol

  7. Better you than me boo!
    Good on you for taking one for the team lol

    You look cute in your uniform btw...x

  8. Did you ever finish your NYSC post? (posting, getting s job, retaining e.t.c)? Pls do share

  9. Hug, kiss, missed you small. lol.

    Interesting that i haven't run intoo you in Lagos yet. Your life can't be as boring as mine though, It's not a 9-5, it's more like a 5:30 - 6.

  10. congrats on completing NYSC! You had a hell of a last day but, I'm glad everything worked out well. I'm looking into NYSC right now, hopefully I'll be in Naija soon!

  11. Congratulations, girl! Missed your blogging but good to know all is well in Naija

  12. We missed you o. Please keep updating this blog for us


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