Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nneka's Christmas trip to Lagos (2011-2012)

Hi everyone,

I'm really glad everyone's enjoyed my pictures of Lagos, and thanks for all the compliments on my photography, woot woot *sings* we're moving on up... lol.

Life in Nigeria's not bad at all, similar to life in ATL. No matter where you go you just have to make the best of it. I have a lot of fun in Lagos, everyone "seems" nice and everyone warns you about everyone else being fake. I haven't really talked about people here or dating etc, but Lagos is wild, i joke it's Babylon.

Christmas time feels like spring break, and well I called it spring break. Let me explain. Spring break is a week in the United States when students get a week around March (give or take a week). During this week a lot of college kids travel to fun destinations warm destinations like Miami (you can blog search my spring breaks *top right of blog there's a search bar*). It's college kids, alcohol, LOADS OF PEOPLE & LOTS OF PARTYING, crazy fun, you meet a lot of people from different places, everyone's on holiday and trying to have fun.

So Christmas time in Nigeria, people are off work for a week or two; schools out; imports come in ( a lot of kids school abroad, and a good percentage come home for christmas), lots of weddings happen, lots of events, lots of fun, lots of clubs, lots of parties, christmas flings, food, food, beach parties, it's Vegas here, and of course warm weather.

So after months of staying here i missed my friends that i made the 10 years I lived in Atl, and begged my cousin/ one of my bff's Nneka to come to Nigeria for christmas. Bear in mind Nneka's only been here once before. Eitherways she agreed (love you Nneka!!), bought a ticket, and came to Nigeria.

I'm a "village chick" lol, Easters, Christmas are normally spent in the village, never spent christmas in the city/ Lagos well except 6 christmas' in Atlanta. So it was our first time spending christmas in lagos which everyone should do once to three times, after that I hear it gets old, kinda like spring break in the same city.

Here's Nneka's trip to Lagos, Nigeria, so you can pretend that it's you visiting Lagos (in the past I showed you my friends trips to Dubai, so this shouldn't be a new concept seeing a post thru someone else's eyes that isn't me, and I think you'll enjoy it..)

All pics are owned by Nneka. (i put a blog stamp on em cuz last time someone stole my friends Dubai pics, and the blog post I wrote as pretended she, the thief was the person on the trip. Crazy things people do on the net smh)


A few selected vendors were showcasing their products at the Creative Focus 2 day event at Federal Palace. So we went to check out Sheizadiva, and other friends who were showcasing their product.
Nneka & I beside Jini's stand
they were one of the event sponsors

Kili (previous posts in atl), Carmen (came to Nigeria again) Ejeme (Jini)

both their outfits, hair etc are from Sheizadiva

she liked the cushion walls at Fed Palace

Some jand (UK) people threw a party at Deuces and since a bunch of fam & friends live there...

LMAO i love this pic

Trace TV (kinda like MTV) had an event at Eko Hotel
Nneka & Lola

me & Van (we went to boarding school together)

they hosted, so basically drinks by them, not my style i like sweet stuff, but chugged a gulp, ick!

Nneka's so stylish, everytime she's on my blog people email me/ comment on the post asking bout where she got stuff. This time if anyone has a question abeg ask below, let me force her to come and answer herself
 Nneka also a hair stylist & makeup artist in the US based in ATL, so if you want the hookup hit her up (email or fb her)

a bunch of artists started performing

Windeck! Windeck!

after Eko, we hit up Liquid Nightclub to finish rocking.

There was a dinner @ the Oriental Hotel

Pretty Nigerian Girls :)


was meant to get here new year's eve, lol was late for that.
Jan 1st 2012

Later that day after the going for mass, My aunt & uncle invited the whole fam and some friends out to lunch at Oriental

our section, grown kids table lol

Chapman's a very popular non alcoholic beverage here that's tasty!

A bunch of friends invited us out to this pool party. you know when everyone invites you to a party but at the end your wondering who the heck owns this place? lol. Eitherways this house was crazy! Nice pool, huge space, nice cars, Jetty, ocean, basically the only thing missing was Rick Ross, a music video crew and a helipad. I kid you not.

Wedding time
she likes the ceiling (lol you can see my younger cousin sitting down left side, eyes closed/ blinking)

C'mon she had to check out the beach. A few friends were heading to a private beach her last weekend here

webcam pic of me before leaving

lol smh I didn't know this silly goat was grabbing my boobs

Me & Nneka --- Im wearing her Grey Ant Sunglasses!! I LOVE EM SO MUCH. (bb pic)

bb pic

her bros, cousins, friends

lol ejeme's sooo goofy #love it

So those are all the pics Nneka took in Nigeria, hope you enjoyed checking out her trip to Lagos, Nigeria. She couldnt wait to show friends pictures and tell em how much fund Nigeria could be. Plus food's amazing here, chinese, indian, lebanese, you name it we got it.

& a big thanks to Nneka for letting me share her trip with yall/ esp since I didn't take any pictures while she was in Nigeria.

Love Bombchell.