Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 year high school reunion (& aunt julie's 50th) part 2

Kene & Omamo! love em hotties

So after all my running around, hustling for ride with my mums car, or my brother, I finally made it really early, lol no... well super late to my reunion. People offered me food but I said no thanks. I didn't pay for the reunion, so def ain't eating. I really wanted to pay and attend, but I had a goal to pay off my credit card, which i also used to buy stuff when i was moving, camera gear etc.

gosh we were soo young

Ochuko, Abies & I. Cant remember why we were cracking up.

w Jonathan

We're all in a bbm group and keep in touch

Oh and my fabulous studio gear blew up, that's a diff story, but there went $700. It was gonna be my started kit, and it was American system. I didn't blow it, but oh well shit happens and I should have been more careful. Then I also paid to get my car serviced, about N40k (which was a deal!), basically it was end of the year finances were tight. And I was only gonna spend was the money if I'd get prawns in the buffet. I swear I'm not joking, prawns are sooo expensive, and i love em, not shrimp but PRAWNS. King prawns. I couldn't justify paying to eat rice and stew especially when I had three events.


Ib, Ochuko, Habeeb (Habeeb was my prom date! got married a week after this pic)

Nonso (wow grew up to be a hottie, can't remember if he's married or single. don't worry I wont stalk him) & Nene


So I spoke to those in charge, who I love and decided I'd stop by to say hi even if i didn't pay because it would be sooo cool to see everyone. The committee put in sooo much effort into the night it was amazing. they had a lovely set up at a hotel, food, drinks, pictures, etc. It's friends from my year/set that decided to do it not my school, and we set it 2012 xmas time knowing that's when a lot of people would be in Nigeria.

It was great, rekindled friendships etc.

DENNIS!!! love him sooo much!!!!!! Isn't he a cutie!!

Mandela (omg so like in Sec. Sch., I probably had a diff crush every term, lol one term it was him)

LMAO!!!!!!!! look at my stank face!! I didn't even think the camera would catch me in any picture! I LOVE ABIES. she just got married & the guy was in my school too HOW COOL. we love great shows like True Blood (im about to stop loving that show) & GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures are funny, in them I see people firsts (first kiss or whatever you want it to be), people's lasts, people now married, friends that aren't anymore, best friends, future couples, an amazing night! Loved it. It's soo weird so many memories, kids I knew, now have adult jobs! Engineers, Lawyers, running their own companies: I think we're growing up!!!

Vanessa (Isn't she beyond pretty!!!!!!! she was in a previous blog post! she has this amazing picture from that night that day that looked so pin up and beyond amazing, im too lazy to look for it & ask for permission to post it) & Lola

Nonso, Pretty Oby & Jonathan

If i tell you guys the crazy psycho experiences we had in boarding school you wouldn't believe it, but if you went to boarding school in Nigeria you totally get it (it's the norm for secondary school students/ 7th-12th grade to go to a boarding school here, some don't but it's pretty normal)!

Deji!!  (we used to be in class together, gosh he's currently soooo smart, I cant remember back then, but he has soo much potential for greatness, like he could end up on forbes etc)

Zek in the middle! love him too.

Everyone exchanged contact info (PS: Almost everyone in Nigeria has a blackberry to stay connected, shity phone, but bbm is great!!!!!)

Look well, do see I wasnt here yet!!!!! I missed seeing a lot of people!!! Like so many people were gone when I got there! I didn't even see Lola, Van, Mandela. But I saw a lot, and had a blast.
Ok pictures courtesy of Jonathan who was on of the organizers, and some i stole from Amina's facebook!! I should bbm her now for permission lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed the picture. It's so crazy how time flies. I just turned a different age 2 days ago. I swear the number is running without me, I feel like a kid. I can't even believe its April!!t The year just started.

Stay Blessed yall!

(PART 1 pictures & post)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aunt Julie's 50th Birthday (& 10 year reunion)

Hi Everyone,

I just realized this will be a super long post because the pictures are too much. I had three events to attend, my aunt Julie's 50th birthday, my 10 year high reunion dinner (YES boarding school was a decade ago, omg we're getting old, then again we all finished high school about ages 15-17), and lastly a wedding.

I kinda went really late, with a lot of people, and i think we only had two cars, 1 driver, horrible logistics, events were Nigerian time, and at the same time, so let's just say it was a crazy night. I sadly only made it to two events.

So the first my Aunt Julie's 50th. Crazy thing, my aunt & my mum have been friends since they were about 18 years old!! They're practically sisters. I just realized this post (in two parts) is filled with pictures of family and old friends.

Getting Ready. (oh yea... this was actually christmas time... let's pretend it happened now, HAPPY EASTER by the way!)

shall we pretend their mine... and not my mum's lol. Heaven help me, and I'm grateful for being able to fit into my mum's stuff & my sisters! Amen! --- Shoe & Bag: Stuart Wiezman

Hey Boy's brigade: "Always Be Prepared." When your feet starts to hurt, you'd also say, "screw you fashion," and I'm too classy to go barefoot. Even during my early college years, when my feet hurt in the club, I was classy enough to put my shoes under a table (so they don't get stolen) and stand on the table, unlike other people who where ghetto & dancing on the nasty floor, with spilled alcohol.... LMAO now that's class!!!!! Be happy for the upgrade, (sandals instead of feet, and they match my outfit) and don't worry I forgot the shoes in the car so ended up wearing heels all night.

Ejeme!! (Jini) All the other ladies take forever. We're smart enough to get ready quick so we can take pictures before the sun goes down lol

smh! She's obviously crazy!! that's why I love her!!!!

So who else can we get a glimpse of.



It's my gorgeous cousin Ifunanya! We all call her Sunshine though. Isn't she stunning!!! She's lucky I love her so much or I'd hate her, or get a complex, which ever wss easier. So many of my guy friends think she's beyond beautiful.  Some of you might remember her from when I went to DC for her graduation june 2010
click image, for the post


Into the car car we go & off to Eko Hotel & Suites. The event would be at Sky lounge, or Sky bar, someone help me with the name lol. The top section at Eko. It was really nice!! and the food was GREAT!!!!!!!

my two God brothers, and my brother. Aren't they soo tall!!  sings: Heeeey Ladies....!!!

Bumped into a friend from ATL who's also moved back


Awww look & my aunt & uncle. She looks sooo young it's crazy she's 50

:) i see my mum, God brothers, etc

Hope you liked the pictures! (click here for part 2 with the reunion pictures)
Love Bombchell