Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hi ...

It’s not a ghost and you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. It’s actually a blog post! Pigs must be flying. I really feel like Jessa (horrible friend in the HBO tv series: GIRLS who pops in and out of her friends lives without warning, and with barely an apology, she has a lot of baggage, luckily I don’t have nearly as much, i doubt any does).

I decided to write this blog post 'cause although I haven’t blogged in forever, some people drop me lines once in a while wondering how I’m doing, and when I’m going to blog again etc.

I really appreciate all the kind words, and that you have enjoyed my writing, personal experiences, growths, crazy moments, thoughts, pictures etc. It’s been a lot of years and a lot of fun, and I've really really enjoyed making this posts, and making lots of friends with readers and other bloggers along the way.

Quick Update:
Social Life: not as fun as before, I’m a student again. (Atlanta has been the peak of my social life, i should should consider fixing that, but doubt i can party every night for 2 weeks straight anymore), now it’s very mellow. Currently in my 3rd Continent.

Love life: still the same, You there reading this you are currently my valentine. Just incase you see Cupid pls tell him to call me back and stop avoiding my calls cuz the 14th is real close. (whispers: and so is my birthday... Time....... Should i start lying about my age? Oh well people say I look young)

Weight: still a battle, love/ hate relationship. but I can still fit into everything I wore before as you can see on my instagram @LoveBombchell

Current Location: I moved to Milan, Italy last summer (July 29th 2013) I’m in a cool program I’m grateful for, great apartment, cool experience, my Italian is only half shitty but I can get by.

Will I continue blogging? Yes, but… I just don’t know when. If I feel the need to say something, I will, whether it's tomorrow, or next season. till then...

Thanks for being for a part of my personal blog life
Love Bombchell

and a few pics from instagram, with captions.

Duomo: heart of Milan. I can walk home, to church or shop here

I really miss warm weather. U should see this tree now: wilted. Weather: Wet Winter

on my way to a friends bday

well I bought this dress about 8 years ago and never wore it, a few adjustments to cover cleavage etc. Cousins wedding

when I was unpacking, took me a week


  1. Welcome......don't disappear again.

    1. I know right!!! once I come relaunch Im making sure it's for good.

  2. Wow wow wow. Welcome back Bombchell! Kept checking back and it was always Oct 24......'s post. Glad you're sorta back and yay to being in Milan!

    1. wish I could say I have having a fashionable time in Milan. it's a lot of 9-6 classes. Ill be done with exams next month, then holiday. then back for good!! & I'll behave :) thanks

  3. Hiya long time no read. Glad to drop by here. Gonna follow you now on Instagram. Xo

    1. lol right, don't mind me. I believe im following ur insta too, but i'll recheck


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