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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Last Week in Milan

My last week in Milan (July 2014) was a relief: my masters program was over!!! A year of work, stress, prayer, fun, food, 13 extra pounds (5.8kg), adventures, sleep, love, church, fun, friendship, shopping, laughing, coffee, gelato, stress, boredom, fun, etc was all over! (yup another masters, u'd think i love school, I always identified with Lynn from Girlfriends, minus her R rated parts).

fun stuff:
I threw a Hawaiian Themed Luau in my apartment  OCT 11 last year with my friend Veronica for all our friends. it was a blast! we decorated! gave out Hawaiian lei's (garland flowers), loads of drinks, and pizza. It was fun. when everyone left/ we got tired of threats for our music we both drank and danced around my awesome apartment.

I LOVED my apartment!! it was super cool. elevator going into the apartment, 2 bedroom, green garden outside, concierge, balcony, pretty sweet, fun safe neighborhood, food shops for days (I'll definitely miss it). (to those who know Milan i lived between Crocetta and Porta Romana. 2 stops from Duomo.

OK enough reminiscing... let's fast forward to my last week in Milan.(technically it was 2 weeks before i left,  same thing let's move on) When everything was over, Nostalgia, hope, tiredness, so many feelings, EXAMS OVER amen i passed. I was ready for a holiday.

My amazing friend A. came in from Geneva to visit, and we decided to surprise our friend Obi on his birthday. It was so cool seeing him shocked, i got to meet Vanessa at the birthday party, who i love so much, wish we met earlier during my 1 year there..

This was a fun night, and i decided to record it, so you could experience it with me. 



i feel awkward when people take my picture, and sometimes they add to the magic with blurry shots. Selfies for the win!

yup 13 extra sexy pounds in 1 year. I stopped working out, started dodging my trainer, fell in love with gelato & carbonara.

oooh free drink! thanks Obi

2 more drinks :)

Vanessa actually baked one of the cakes!! can she be any more adorable? nope! & she's a hot model. #FlexZone

LMAO!! yup we had a blast!!! I'm normally great at avoiding cameras :)

*ALL the amazing pics stamped PWP (punks wear prada) are by Simone Martucci
*All my pictures & video were by my Sony DSLR A33 (edited in Adobe LR and imovie)
*song in video: Turn Down For What (Dj Snake Parisian Vision)

I hope you enjoyed my blog post :)
Love Bombchell

come back next monday to see my holiday pics around Europe 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hi ...

It’s not a ghost and you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. It’s actually a blog post! Pigs must be flying. I really feel like Jessa (horrible friend in the HBO tv series: GIRLS who pops in and out of her friends lives without warning, and with barely an apology, she has a lot of baggage, luckily I don’t have nearly as much, i doubt any does).

I decided to write this blog post 'cause although I haven’t blogged in forever, some people drop me lines once in a while wondering how I’m doing, and when I’m going to blog again etc.

I really appreciate all the kind words, and that you have enjoyed my writing, personal experiences, growths, crazy moments, thoughts, pictures etc. It’s been a lot of years and a lot of fun, and I've really really enjoyed making this posts, and making lots of friends with readers and other bloggers along the way.

Quick Update:
Social Life: not as fun as before, I’m a student again. (Atlanta has been the peak of my social life, i should should consider fixing that, but doubt i can party every night for 2 weeks straight anymore), now it’s very mellow. Currently in my 3rd Continent.

Love life: still the same, You there reading this you are currently my valentine. Just incase you see Cupid pls tell him to call me back and stop avoiding my calls cuz the 14th is real close. (whispers: and so is my birthday... Time....... Should i start lying about my age? Oh well people say I look young)

Weight: still a battle, love/ hate relationship. but I can still fit into everything I wore before as you can see on my instagram @LoveBombchell

Current Location: I moved to Milan, Italy last summer (July 29th 2013) I’m in a cool program I’m grateful for, great apartment, cool experience, my Italian is only half shitty but I can get by.

Will I continue blogging? Yes, but… I just don’t know when. If I feel the need to say something, I will, whether it's tomorrow, or next season. till then...

Thanks for being for a part of my personal blog life
Love Bombchell

and a few pics from instagram, with captions.

Duomo: heart of Milan. I can walk home, to church or shop here

I really miss warm weather. U should see this tree now: wilted. Weather: Wet Winter

on my way to a friends bday

well I bought this dress about 8 years ago and never wore it, a few adjustments to cover cleavage etc. Cousins wedding

when I was unpacking, took me a week

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Endless Summer . Ombre hair. Beach.

(July 2013 edit: had to delete some pictures from this post for various reasons, but hope u enjoyed the bikini pics, and scenery while they were up for a yr)

It's basically always summer here, might rain, might not, and that's pretty much the difference. August this year, I dyed my hair (extensions) Ombre. Darker up, and bleached the tips. I googled a bunch of people who dyed their hair like Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, and loads of bloggers and their tutorials helped like my girl ChloeHollywood. Basically buy hair bleach, and keep doing the tips, lower and lower.

So summer time, I went on some psycho diet for bout 3 weeks, lost bout 10lbs / 4.5kg, looked amazing, tummy wasn't tone though so couldn't throw away my coverup. But I still looked great... provided i didnt strip lol. The diet was crazy restricting calories, felt weak, wasn't worth it later cuz  I got a bit sick, and i love food soo much so i went from eating like Nichole Richie to my normal pigout!! This day alone at the beach I probably had enough food for two people. Soo..... now in present day I've gained the weight back lol (i literally just ate a lot of cake from Cold Stone).

Was invited to a friends beach house to chil and relax. Was pretty mellow, went with my namesake Michelle, and then her brother Michael stopped by. lol so the three M's: Michelle, Michelle & Michael. Had a lotta fun, stuffed my face, took a ton of pictures, then came home chilled, then slept like a baby.

here's Meems below. It's funny when we don't use our nicknames it sounds like, Michelle! No.... Michelle listen. Omg Michelle your wrong. lol but with Nicknames it sounds easier.

My FAVE pic

unedited & those below (you can compare with top) SOOC

 dancing in the sunlight

Awww time to head back to the city *sniff*

Soooo pretty isn't it! Lagos can be so stunning at times.

Hope you all enjoyed the pics.

beach: ilashe in Lagos, Nigeria
my swimwear & coverup: Victoria Secret, yup it has underwire and goes in various cup sizes
camera: Sony A33, Lens: 50mm f1.4
Shot manual & raw, edited in Adobe Light Room, esp for RAW to JPEG. I think somethings wrong with my camera though :( the pics have a greenish tint. dunno. or maybe I need to calibrate my monitor.

3day weekend!!! happy sallah.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rhema's Beach Birthday Party at Kamp Ikare

So May 5th, got invited to Rhema's beach party. It was at Kamp Ikare. Most private beach houses i've been to in Lagos have been at Ilashe, so to be honest, when I heard Kamp Ikare, I just assumed maybe that's what someone named their beach house at Illashe. Well I was wrong, it's a totally separate beach, a bit further, about 40 minutes by boat (might be shorter but it felt like ages!!).

Me in blue (lol saw the top in my mums closet & thought: this would go perfect at the beach! Thanks Mum!!) & Nini
 OMG do you remember Nini from this post older post?
(click image for the post)

well guess what she's now a Dr. Congrats luv!!

So we get there and I realize, omg this is the real shit!! It's so insanely pretty! It's beyond amazing. It might be resort, it might not, I could care less, I was just super happy cause it was soooo pretty. Cabana's everywhere, bed type seats, food, pool, amazing looking beach, several floors did you hear FOOD etc.

i LIKE this :)

nice! doesn't it look like a resort gallery pic?

more interesting
Ejeme wanted to go see the beach so I went with her & took pictures. I cut my sandals walking in the sand so I also had to walk bear feet. OMG the sand was sooooo hot, and the weather was crazy hot, I ran back into shelter. Luckily I begged this server there to help me buy super glue :) and fixed it.
Ejeme (Jini)


Bond Girl!

A good percentage of people went to my high school including the birthday girl, even bumped into a friend from primary school. how cool.


Recognize this sexy guy below?  Genevieve magazine's "Top 5 Celebrity Men We Lust After."  Aren't you proud of me I didn't stalk... ok so I got couple of pictures, but i promise there's no restraining order :) As for next time... can't promise