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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kim Kardashian / The Kardashians family video cover to Katy Perry's E.T.

So today (Sunday) was the Billboard music awards, nice performances, but the host was soooo NOT funny, which everyone on twitter agreed on. I also missed the memo that the world was to end yesterday!! I didn't find out until late Saturday looking at my blackberry messenger. Pls the next time an apocalypse, judgment day or something is to happen can someone let me know so I can repent! or at least so I can join in the freaking out, pigging out, or naughty behavior :) thanks.

Anyways now onto something that made me laugh today. The Kardashian's made a cover to the Katy Perry's E.T. song that I love so much. I was going to post it, but it seems to be missing from the internet, not sure why... Hopefully some men in black don't try to shut my blog down or something for posting this.

The video is cute & funny and has all the family members, and apparently kim's new boo that I finally got to see (don't ask I've been in another world, i hear news 5 months later).

AND JUST INCASE they shut that down:


Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm with Stupid!

I love the new Diesel campaign "Be stupid". & I find it pretty funny. so I'm posting  most of them for today's Non Mundane Mondays. Enjoy.

"Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the balls"

lol you know you've taken pictures too! & probably sent it *I'm just sayin*

Stupid Is Creative!

for more:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Very Funny Point-of-View Videos (college humor)

I'm really excited about these videos for Non Mundane Mondays. I really loved these videos and found them hilarious, so hopefully this will cheer up your week, and give you a little clue into the male or female mind from these P.O.V videos

All of today's videos are created by CollegeHumor

Video 1: guy's P.O.V Your First Kiss (on a date)

Video 2: POV Girl Buys Condoms

Video 3: POV Guy Buys Condoms ..... lol I hope must of you guys don't do this!

Video 4: POV: Really Hot Girl. (lol smack yourself if your also guilty of thinking a few of the things she said)

Video 5: POV Guy stuck in history class: (LMAO shame on you for thinking this. lol I admit the clock thing has happened to me!! I'm like dang!! 2hrs 30mins. I look up omg 2hrs 28mins!)

another non pov funny video
Video 6: Why Girls Don't fart!

you can watch more videos by College Humor on their youtube page, main site, twitter, or facebook.

Hope you all enjoyed these videos, stop by next Monday for more videos, and heck out past ones.
Love Bombchell

Monday, February 1, 2010

Non Mundane Mondays ... are back

wow I haven't posted some funny or interesting videos to cheer up our future crappy week. so no matter what's going on with you, I hope these videos put a little smile on your face *big kisses*

Video 1: It's called Racism in an Elevator - it's soooo funny!!! ps:if your sensitive it might be offensive.

Video 2: OMG can I get an Amen!!!!

Video 3: Dbanj (huge Nigerian artist allover Africa). so this is his new music video right! and a lot of people are hating on it, a friend sent it to me, and I couldn't help but laugh through out the Video. It's the funniest shit I've ever seen in my life!!!! but she gave me the side eye & claims that it's not meant to comical or satire. You tell me what you think

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaa

Video 4: lmao you need special humour to get this

Video 5a: Pretty Badass. Daft Punk & Kanye Fans will extra like this. & even if u've seen it it's still cool

Video 5b

Hope these cheered your day up. If you have any more recommendations, write in the comment box :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Am I Bovvered...About Funny Videos on Monday

It's been a while since I did Non-Mundane Mondays!! so here are some funny videos featuring the British comedian Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper. I discovered her much later than a lot of people, and then I started saying: "Am I Bovvered!! Look at my face! Do I look Bovvered to you!!!!"

she's super funny, she got everyone saying it, and it's hilarious. I really hope you enjoy these videos, and it cheers up your week, there was even one with Tony Blair that was absolutely wicked!! and it had him saying her catch phrase to her.

oh yeah sorry to disappoint but I didn't do anything for Halloween, well except eat so... much candy, go to the gym for 25mins, got hit on by some guy, while looking crappy with no makeup, and begrudingly did my marketing homework. oh and the sketches are from The Catherine Tate Show.

soo..... here are the funny videos:

Video 1: This is to wet your appetite & get a feel for her & her catch phrases. Its on Beyonce & bling bling

Video 2: Is my Absolute Favorite, when Lauren Cooper had to take her French Exam

Video 3: is another goofy one with Lauren Cooper as a cheerleader

Video 4: omg this is when Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair!!! omg it's so... badass!! I can see Obama being a good sport too.

hope you all enjoyed these videos :) if you've never heard of Catherine Tate, def check her out, and if you forget about them hope these reminded you, alright.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Dedicated to Asian & African Parents - Funny Videos

Oh wow it's been a week since my last post, yup school has started, and I know everyone has missed funny videos that cheer up the work days. so.... Welcome Back Non Mundane Mondays!!!

My mum's currently visiting so I'm dedicating these video to most of our parents, aunties, uncles, especially if you are Nigerian, or basically from any African country, Jamaican, the whole Caribbean, and Asian! we love our parents, and yall can relate or know a friend with a similar parent.

Enjoy :)

ps: I showed my mum the videos, and she thought they were so.... funny!!

1) Mrs Omokorede!!! lol

2) lol More of her, pushy naija (Nigerian mum)from the Lenny Henry Show UK (I heard it's funny, but I dont think i've ever seen it :/)

3) Ok c'mon now, my Asian bloggers & reader, I love you so it's y'alls turn.

these boys are so silly!!! so yall be nice to your chicklets when we grow up,and let them get one B on their report card (jk)

4) I think this was my mum's favorite videos!! This is for all my fab friends that just gave birth, Bloggers: Katrina, Sonya, High School Buddies: Ufuoma, Sherifat, Annie one of the best club promoters in Atlanta Tiwa (who i love & was at his wedding), My cousin Bunmi who i need to call. And Many More.

Now who here think white kids can't dance, cuz Ive proven their skills before! and look at this lil boy rocking to Flo Rida!!! love it!!

PS: WARNING: do not go to that orsm website, I went there looking for more funny videos BUT it was spam & porn!!!

5) LOL ok I last one for my fellow Nigerians!! Y'all know this is so... true!! I told my grandma this is what she could do.

Ok jokes apart my parents are actually pretty cool. But this is so funny 'cause I can relate to so much of it, friends, teachers, culture etc.

wishing you a lovely & happy week.
Kisses Bombchell

Monday, July 13, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: someThings you shouldn't do

Non Mundane Mondays

1. I love this. Vodaphone French ad! the subtitles at the end are also funny.

I think I snore in planes, but how would I know, I'm asleep so i don't hear it, however I'm not sure i look as hot ha ha, well maybe.

2a. omg do you guys remember when that song by E-40 was all the rage!! (song:Tell me when to go) & people used to ghost ride their whips. I never did it (I aint crazy). & this is ghost riding the whip gone wrong!

you gotta admit it was kinda cool in the beginning

2011 edit: below comment by richard: "ghostride the whip is by mistah fab not e40"  

2b. to those who do not know what it is: Definition:
(& funny too) I think the music they used is Mistah fab's "ghost ride the whip"

3. To all those at work, this is for you!! it'll either depress you or make you smile, or maybe even change your job.

3min spoof of for the ADDY Awards (here): so many great lines.

4. This Video was beautiful. I think whole world should see it at least once. I joined just 'cause of this video! they are way clearer than (though not as popular). this is from 2 yrs ago.

5. If you have facebook wow watch this lil blonde girl dance to Decale Gwada (link) i will whoop anyone that every says kids or white girls don't have rhythm (that's proof, & plus I suck at dancing, I'm just good with my waist lol)

6. this video here is dedicated to my movie & music video buddy Osita, who's left facebook :( now I have no one to talk about movies with, or even music videos. This one is stop motion :) cuz I didn't know anything about it until he showed me one awesome vid. Hope u read my blog & u like it.

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

I loved the end. cuz here on this blog, that's what we're about :)
gosh I've started school
& don't forget if u see any video that strikes your fancy send it to my email, twitter or facebook
Hope I brightened your Monday a bit :)
love Bombchell

ps: so....... FREAKING EXCITED trueblood is back on!!! A shoutout to all my fellow "fangbangers"!!! & new watchers :)

bonus : The New Beyonce Video. wow she killed it. love the lyrics, and how they can be taken Literally or not.

Song: Sweet Dream

"you could be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare... either way I don't wanna wake up from you"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: What do you see

So Mondays tend to suck. back to school, or work, or whatever. so this is to cheer you up & make your day better.

1. love the end, so true.

the original that I saw in class, you need flash to watch it. did you see the bear the first time? I sure didn't in the original.

2. this Mercedes commercial is funny. Omg my cousin is so silly I just remembered at the bbq in DC, him going "All my S class drivers!!" and the silly people with S classes were like ... heyyy!!! me & my folks were like "whatever.. we don't even want an S class lol"

heard this commercial was banned

3.  How many black dots do you see (

4. Lol this is just a funny vid I saw a while ago. For all those at work I thought of you (^_^)

5. For all my Spoken word/ Poetry fans. I saw this a long time ago on Def Poetry Jam & fell inlove. Ken & Barbie 101 by Rafael Casal!! (youtube, myspace)

6. for those who need more cheering up: 4 banned commercials, i loved!!! 1,3,4 (would u do #4?)

have a fun weekend!! hope everyone enjoyed the July 4th weekend. pictures coming very soon.

omg u guys have to admit!! this summer Ive been a fab blogger :) Im so proud, lol no 2 week spaces :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Funny Videos

Ok so I was getting my hair done by my girl Nneka (, blog) and I was showing her & Diane (from prev post) some crazy videos that people send me on facebook, or i find on youtube. And Diane had a cool idea: that I should start posting some of the videos on my blog in case you guys haven't seen them. some of them had me dying with laughter or others were pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy!

1. This is my new favorite song: Naked Hustle by Bizzle (heard it's the strip club anthem in miami). The boys in the video are Wu-tanging to it. I could watch this everyday LOL cuz I can imagine people I know doing this ish.

2. My girl Lynda (her twitter page) said in quote "I swear ill go to church and do this when i hear you have a boyfriend lmao hahahahaha. ENJOY" <--- whatever!! I'll go "Janet Jackson" on y'all. This is not Nigeria, or Ghana yall. like everyone thought, this is TEXAS! Brother Franklin during offering time. I "LOVES" IT!!!

3. LMAO OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! saw it before, some people think it's a mess, but i think it's genius! The guys & girls are fabulous dancers, and this video wouldn't be as big without the guys!! I'd be friends with them in a heart beat!

Beyonce's Video phone - (his blog, other vids)

4. Chelsea Lately's spoof of the Kardashian Sisters - that trademark perfume episode. the best part was the mum lol cuz it's real.

5. David After Dentist... C'mon y'all must have seen this video! the whole world has seen it i "LOVES" it!!! LOL Is this real life. wow the guy is now selling the shirts lol (site)

some other guy had an hd vid

lol i want one!

Thanks to everyone who's sent me videos, I love them! if you have an funny vid send them to me to my twitter, email: [bombchell(at)] or facebook. That's all folks.

just got bloglovin, heard it's easy so check it out: Follow my blog with bloglovin if wanna try it out

OOOH & for my fellow Nigerians, Africans, and people who know Dbanj. The Kokolette's are out!! for Koko mansion. Dbanj looking is looking for "love"babies on HiTv.

click above image or here